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Dedicated to Your Success

We are dedicated to helping our students reach their performance goals.  Our educational programs offer a variety of options to guide the serious student!


Personalized Instruction for optimal RESULTS!

Nothing replaces face-to-face instruction.  At Heart T Ranch, we specialize in Private and Group Lessons designed to build a strong foundation of skills and opportunities to watch more advanced techniques in order to gain a full picture of development.

In addition to lessons with our instructors, we bring in the very best Clinicians from around the country to further build the skillset of our students!  

Choose from our schedule of Equine and Stockdog Lesson programs to suit your needs.  Calls of inquiry are always welcome! (406)861-5292

Stock Dog Lessons
Foundation is EVERYTHING...
Our Stock Dog Fundamentals Course sets a solid foundation for everything else to be build upon.  The difference between Good and GREAT???  GREAT Handlers do the Fundamentals BETTER...

 Personalized Instruction for each dog

Private and Group classes available 



This may be the most important clinic you ever take.  Handlers learn to communicate with their horses using equine psychology and consistent body language.  This theory is based on herd dynamics and teaching handlers to think the way the horse does.  By achieving the "Alpha" herd position, the handler gains the acceptance and respect of the horse while learning to settle for nothing less than respect and responsiveness from their horses.  We also teach handlers how to maintain a safe position on the ground while handling difficult situations.  Each horse/handler combination then trains through a Challenge Course!  By the end of the clinic, no obstacle will stand in your way.


"I can’t say enough about Heart T Ranch! I’ve participated in their Groundschool clinic as well as a Horsemanship Clinic and I brought so much home from those experiences that resulted in better relationships with my horses!  I'm still use their techniques today to improve my horsemanship and riding.  I’ve also purchased a horse that was trained in their program.  He is hands-down the best horse we’ve ever owned!”  Kara Lenardson

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Participants must have completed no fewer than two separate Groundschool clinics to be accepted into Liberty.  Prepare to reach new levels of communication and understanding between you and your horse!  Handlers learn to control their horses with nothing between them but respect.  That's right...the halters come off!  Horse learn to do amazing things through trust and respect.  This clinic is best suited to handlers dedicated to developing solid communication with the horse, and who are willing to open their mind to the "impossible..." 

HTR Ringo Dressage
Classical Dressage

Classical Dressage is the foundation of all training at Heart T Ranch.  Riders with a serious desire to build their skills to a new level will thrive in the structured, positive environment of this clinic!

Dressage for Barrel Racers


Hands down one of Tammy's favorite clinics to teach!  Riders learn specific dressage movements used to supple, engage, rate and strengthen the horse.  The goal of the clinic is for riders to leave with a new set of "TOOLS" to use to build a better barrel horse, as well as solve problems associated with competing at high speed.  No matter what your patterning philosophy may be, this clinic will take you to the next level when it comes to true communication and physical development of the Barrel Racing horse.

Heart T Ranch Riding Instruction Obstacle Clinic
Custom Clinics


Heart T Ranch can customize a clinic for your group!  From Young Horse clinics to Horsemanship and Working Equitation, we can plan a course to suit your needs.  Contact us for more information.

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