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Dedicated to Your Success

We are dedicated to helping our students reach their performance goals.  Our educational programs offer a variety of options to guide the serious student!


Personalized Instruction for optimal RESULTS!

Nothing replaces face-to-face instruction.  At Heart T Ranch, we specialize in Private and Group Lessons designed to build a strong foundation of skills and opportunities to watch more advanced techniques in order to gain a full picture of development.

In addition to lessons with our instructors, we bring in the very best Clinicians from around the country to further build the skillset of our students!  

Choose from our schedule of Stock Dog Lesson programs to suit your needs.  Calls of inquiry are always welcome! (406)861-5292

Stock Dog Lessons
Foundation is EVERYTHING...
Our Stock Dog Fundamentals Course sets a solid foundation for everything else to be build upon.  The difference between Good and GREAT???  GREAT Handlers do the Fundamentals BETTER...

 Personalized Instruction for each dog

Private and Group classes available 

Puppy Fundamentals


Puppy Fundamental Obedience is CRITICAL to building a functional Stock Dog.  This Workshop will take you through our system of training a young dog to be obedient and exhibit self control around stock.  Take the leadership role EARLY to ensure training success later!

Puppy Work 1.jpg
Skid Faceoff Cattle.JPG
Arena Obstacle Strategy

Learn how to walk a course and develop a solid plan for executing obstacles in competitions that involve obstacles!  Develop skills to help you remain focused and help your dog stay safe.  Learn rules for sheepdog and/or cattledog associations you may encounter.

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