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Enhancing Performance One Athlete at a Time!
Our Mission
To enhance the Performance of Equestrians, their horses and dogs through innovative Training and Wellness Solutions! 
Our Commitment
To encourage and support riders and handlers of all levels in their quest for extraordinary results with their animal partners!







 means something different to everyone.  At Heart T Ranch, we are committed to helping you achieve YOUR goals as a rider and handler!  


The Plan - Have you heard the saying, "You don't know what you don't know?"  Our proven training programs will teach you the fundamental skills necessary to build your horse or dog into your DREAM partner!  Along the way, you'll discover you are capable of more than you ever imagined...

Our Cutting-Edge Wellness Solutions ensure every Human, Equine and Canine Athlete are prepared to Perform at their BEST! 

The Community - Your Journey Begins HERE! Heart T Ranch is more than a training program, it's a COMMUNITY of horse and dog enthusiasts from around the world!  We are a family dedicated to helping one another travel the road of gaining knowledge to become better handlers!  


Barn Girl.jpg

"Wow! Where do I start?  My daughter and I have been students of Tammy and Heart T Ranch for over 10 years. It's a great program run at Heart T, from Groundschool clinics to high level Dressage. There is definitely a level of professionalism and caring that is there for all her students and clients and a strong will for all involved to succeed!!"   Tara Anderson

Carioco 4
Tammy Yost-Wildin

Teaching is my passion! 

I'm here to guide YOU on your Horsemanship Journey!  For over thirty years, I've specialized in training horses for adult amateur and youth riders.  My coaching techniques are designed to help riders achieve extraordinary results by mastering Classical Horse Training Principles and learning how to apply them in a successful manner.  Professional trainers will find a wealth of information in my program to help them coach their OWN students to success!  

Heart T Ranch is also a place to learn the Fundamentals of the sport of Herding, Functional Obedience and MORE!


My Background...

I was raised in a Montana ranching family.   My earliest riding experiences involved chasing cattle through the hills and competing in rodeo events.  In 1988, I formally opened my horse training business.  By 1994, I had won the FFA Western Region Star in Agribusiness Award for my business, the first woman to do so!  

I have experience training and showing in a variety of disciplines at the National level, from reining and cutting to dressage and eventing. Today, my primary focus is on training my personal horses and coaching riders and handlers to discover and achieve their potential in Equestrian and Herding disciplines.

When I'm not riding or teaching, I enjoy participating in Stockdog Competition with my wonderful string of dogs!

Daniel Wildin

Daniel is also a native Montanan.  He joined Heart T Ranch in 1998 as the head of the Young Horse Program.  Daniel is a very talented trainer, with infinite patience in his training of young horses.  Daniel starts all the young horses at Heart T Ranch, as well as keeps the facility in beautiful shape with his masterful skills of welding and facility design!  His passion is for Reined Cowhorse.  He is an NRCHA 1A Certified Judge in addition to being a talented reined cowhorse trainer.


Daniel is also an accomplished Farrier, having apprenticed with Master Farrier, Tony Yost, for 8 years.   From barefoot trimming to sliders and corrective work, Daniel provides superior hoof care for Heart T Ranch horses!

In his free time, Daniel enjoys fishing and archery hunting in the beautiful wilderness of Montana and Alaska!

Tammy Yost-Wildin and Danie Wildin

Together, Daniel and Tammy strive to make Heart T Ranch a fun, educational and inviting place to pursue your goals.  Contact them today to discuss the possibilities that await you!

Our Success... Measured in Students!

Heart T Ranch students have achieved impressive results nationwide and include USDF Dressage, USEA Eventing, USHJA Hunter/Jumper competitions, and NRCHA Reined Cowhorse events.  These students and their amazing horses represent the results possible in the show ring.  We are equally proud of our students who choose not to show, but focus on personal development and strengthening their relationship with their horse.  

Your Horsemanship Dream is our Mission!

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