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Horses of Heart T Ranch
Carioco VIII

Carioco was born on the famed Guardiola ranch in Seville, Spain.  Heart T Ranch imported this gorgeous stallion to the United States in 2004.  He was developed in both English and Western disciplines, with a primary focus on Dressage.  It became clear that Carioco's spirit was not fulfilled in the Dressage court.  Tammy introduced him to Eventing and the rest is history!  Carioco has had a very successful career eventing, including winning the 2012 Area IX Championship.   His bold attitude cross country has been passed on to his foals.  His son - HTR Caesar - is enjoying a very successful eventing career, following in his sire's hoofprints! Carioco has a number of offspring competing in USDF Dressage as well.   His trainability and ease of handling make Carioco a joy to handle.  He is currently on lease to Heart T Ranch student Kathy Keneally.   Carioco is proving to be an honest, patient schoolmaster!   


​Carioco remains Tammy's favorite mount in and out of the show ring!  This phenominal stallion enjoys riding the gorgeous mountains of Montana and dragging calves to the fire at Spring brandings.  His offspring are showing the same desire to work stock and have the endurance to last all day on hard rides gathering cattle and doing real ranch work, in addition to their success in the show ring.

Carioco 4

Carioco's offspring are excelling in the show ring!  From dressage to stadium jumping and eventing, Carioco adds style, form and rideability!

2011 Thoroughbred / Oldenburg Gelding

HTR Ringo

I purchased Ringo from my friend Michael Larsen in October of 2014.  He is heavily jumper bred and my intent was to Event him.  As Ringo progressed through our Young Horse Program, he proved to be incredibly smart, athletic and EXTREMELY sensitive!  He was definitely NOT for the faint of heart!  I call him my "Dragon", because that's what it feels like to ride him!  Though he has never unseated me, he has folded inside out hard enough to dislocate my knee cap while jumping.  His excellent work ethic and keen nature catapulted him up the levels in dressage.  Jumping, however, proved elusive.  His heart is just not in it and I finally decided that he was far too valuable to me as a dressage mount to risk him jumping when he hates it.

In 2019, Ringo made his Prix St George debut!  He showed beautifuly and I was excited for the 2020 show season - then Covid hit.  I spent the next two years continuing to develop this talented horse, but never showed him again.  

I spent a lot of time riding Ringo in the fields, turning back cutting for my husband and doing obstacle work.  It think it's very important to keep horses mentally stimulated and fresh in their work by varying that work!  I also believe in developing fitness by riding on varied terrain and different surfaces.  Ringo always lived out 24/7.  When not in his field, he hangs out in a large paddock with a run-in shed.  He is only stalled at shows or when we are South for the Winter.  Ringo is a sensitive horse and I believe this management has been critical in keeping him calm, happy and sane in his work.  Living out combined with regular PEMF and chiropractic has been the magic equation for keeping Ringo happy in his work.

In May of 2022, RIngo was purchased by adult amateur rider, Bernadette!  These two have developed an amazing partnership!  I'm thrilled for Ringo to be so loved and cared for in the perfect home!

2014 Welsh Cob Gelding

Stone Country's Special Agent - a.k.a "Seven"
Seven 1.JPG

Nothing makes me happier than matching the perfect horse with a rider!  I imported "Seven" as a three year old.  His unflappable disposition, lovely, rideable movement and trainability made him the ideal candidate for my long-time adult amateur client, Missy Langlas!  Missy purchased Seven from me as a four year old and the two are making a lovely pair! 


I continue to train him and help him gain show experience while Missy enjoys lessons and moving up the levels on her talented Boy!  

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