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Taking ACTION...

ACTION. It's that tricky not-so-little-step between your dreams and reality. If I didn't scare you off in my first blog post, I'll assume you are interested in discovering a few tips to help spur you into ACTION!

I want to take action...where do I start?

This is the stumbling block that so many people just can't overcome. The changes and steps that stand between where they are and where they want to be seem so insurmountable, they quit before they even try. Here are some simple tips to help you get past the initial shock factor and make real progress toward achieving the Extraordinary Results you desire!

  • STOP MAKING EXCUSES. No joke...this is a big one. It's super easy to make excuses for not doing the hard work it takes to change. We've all done it. The one simple thing that separates successful people from people who continually fail at change is that the successful people STOP MAKING EXCUSES!

  • Set Achievable, SPECIFIC Goals! Rome wasn't built in a day. Likewise, you won't be doing 2 tempi lead changes in a week. You won't be sitting the trot in a week if you are still struggling to get the correct diagonal. Be realistic. Start small. Set one daily goal to meet plus a weekly goal and longer term goal. Make a physical checklist and hang it somewhere you HAVE to look at it! When I was a Senior in High School, I set the goal to be elected State FFA President. Not "Run for an Office"...Be ELECTED State President! I put that goal on a sticky note on my bathroom mirror. I looked at it EVERY morning. I also put up my weekly goal every weekend and on Friday when I MET IT, I pulled it down and replaced it with a new one. It seems crazy simple, but it's effective. If you have to FACE that goal every morning, it's a hell of a lot harder to NOT do something about it! (I'll give you one guess who was elected 1992-93 Montana State FFA President...)

  • Wash-Rinse-Repeat. Set Goals, Take Action, Evaluate, Set New Goals. Things change. As you go through this goal-setting process, you'll begin to find you are capable of MORE than you originally thought! Adjust. Challenge yourself!

Get Help When You Need It!

In my profession, I see so many people stumbling around in the dark, trying to "Do It Themselves". Guess what? We ALL need coaching! We ALL need instruction! I take lessons at every opportunity and spend a lot of money each year honing my skills. Olympic athletes get coaching routinely! Sure, you can watch all the videos on YouTube and read every book available on your topic of interest. Those are great things to do to increase your theoretical knowledge, which is an important part of education in any area. HOWEVER...your progress will stagnate without instruction and coaching from a professional in your field of interest. Want to make progress in LESS time while having MORE fun and EXTRAORDINARY results? GET PROFESSIONAL HELP!

Unfiltered Equestrian On-Line Training

Later this year, I'll be unveiling the Unfiltered Equestrian On-Line Educational Platform. Participants will have three different options to help them Achieve the Extraordinary Results they are looking for:

* Unfiltered Equestrian Business Coaching - Subscribers will have access to tools that guide them through setting Goals for their business, learn Strategies for attracting the right kind of clients and building their Brand! Live On-line Group Sessions will allow participants to share their successes and struggles as well as receive direct coaching from me.

* Taming Dragons - Subscribers will have access to videos documenting Heart T Ranch Training Techniques! Details coming soon...we're super excited about the first course!

* Unfiltered Equestrian Insider - Subscribers will have full access to our Exclusive Video Library with Private video footage of training, lessons and clinics at Heart T Ranch as well as on the road at shows and clinics! They'll also get access to special pricing at Live Events(Clinics and Lectures) and first option at tickets for our Annual Unfiltered Equestrian Retreat!

Full details are coming soon, so make sure to Subscribe to the Blog to receive all the information as soon as it is released!

Until then...TAKE ACTION!

Life is short...Enjoy The Ride!

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